UTD Refund Policy

The educational course content at UTD Scuba Diving (UTD) is a non-refundable investment in your education as a scuba diver or instructor.  It’s an invitation to listen, learn, connect, explore, and transform.

We thought long and hard about whether or not to offer a “30-day money-back guarantee” or some other sort of refund policy.  It didn’t feel right to us to offer one, but in the online learning world, it’s all but expected.

Here are our reasons for not offering refunds for UTD Scuba Diving content:

Reason #1: All the content is on a monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime. You can also upgrade or downgrade your subscription level at any time.

Reason #2: This is your chance to make a clear, confident decision about your scuba training. By not offering a refund for UTD online educational programs we’re asking you to make the best decision for you, right now.

Reason #3: Everything you need to make an informed decision is here on the website or you can learn in discussion with your UTD instructor. Browse the archives and open content on this site and see if our approach to diving feels good to you. Does it make sense? Our goal is to be completely transparent about our training and the costs associated with it. Any questions, please ask. You can always contact us by clicking here.

Reason #4:  When you’re all in, you’re all in. UTD Scuba Diving training can be challenging, but we will guide you to rise to the challenge.

We welcome you to this community of powerful divers — we will always be with you on your path to great diving.