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UTD Scuba Diving Achieves EUF Certification for its Growing Training and Certification Program

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, April 25, 2023— UTD Scuba Diving, a leading provider of scuba coaching and education, announced today that it has achieved certification by the European Underwater Federation (EUF). UTD is now certified to be in compliance with ISO 24801 for its diver training and certification programs and ISO 24802 for its instructor and dive master programs.

Conformity to these ISO standards was achieved through a rigorous audit by the EUF, the internationally recognized agency that certifies scuba training agencies. The international standards establish the requirements for training programs, safety, and operational procedures for scuba diving.

“We are delighted to have worked with the EUF to confirm that the UTD training programs meet ISO’s high level of safety standards,” said Jeff Seckendorf, CEO of UTD Scuba Diving. “These certifications reflect our commitment to providing the highest quality scuba diving training and education while ensuring the safety and well-being of our students and instructors.”

One example of UTD Scuba Diving’s commitment to quality training is its unique scuba coaching program which is designed to help students learn and progress at their own pace. The UTD coaching approach to scuba training is both practical and effective because it empowers students to develop and master their scuba skills rather than simply check off a list of requirements. The coaching clients train without the time constraints of a weekend or short class.

The coaching program is based on a series of skill-based courses that build upon each other. The program is designed to provide a comprehensive education in scuba diving and includes training that leads a diver, with the guidance of a coach, to their underwater goals. This could be to simply advance their personal skills, or begin a trajectory to tech diving, cave diving, or UTD leadership.

The EUF audit took place during a weeklong instructor development course in Spain and evaluated the conformity of UTD Scuba Diving’s training and education programs to the ISO standards. EUF Auditor Martin Denison said, “UTD has gone that extra step and is achieving a higher level, a higher standard.”

“The achievement of ISO certification is a significant milestone for UTD Scuba Diving, our students, and our instructors,” said Seckendorf. “We are proud to have achieved this certification and remain committed to providing the highest quality scuba diving training and education to our divers.”

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