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You will become an awesome diver training with a UTD instructor. You will learn the skills you need to be the best, safest, badass team diver in the water.

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Choose Your Class

Train for UTD scuba certification in any of over 60 classes – foundational, technical, cave, wreck, and more. You can choose to take a traditional scuba class or join UTD as a coaching client and receive individual customized scuba training and coaching.


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When you subscribe to course materials for a category – foundational, technical, cave wreck, or instructor – you receive every UTD online course in that category. You can then take any class in the category while you are subscribed to the course materials package.


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Find Your Instructor

Search for your instructor worldwide for your first open water class, an advanced or technical diving class, or a cave diving class. Or join our coaching program and receive a weekly training schedule to reach your diving goals.

Learn to Scuba Dive

Whether you are a recreational,  technical, cave, rebreather, or side-mount diver, your needs are supported by UTD training. Through UTD’s unique approach of providing a unified, consistent, scalable and interchangeable system, we can help you reach your passion and dreams of achieving excellence.

Recreational Courses

Start your underwater training here. Ready to dive? Ready to be a team diver? Ready to be an amazing diver?

Tech, Cave, Rebreather

Take it to the next level. Deeper, farther, safer, darker, in the deep, the caves, the wrecks. Ready?

Instructor Training

Want to train badass divers? Be a badass instructor. Share your passion, share your skills.

Scuba Coaching

Customized scuba training with or without certification. Work with your UTD coach to be the best team diver you can be.
Learn to be an Amazing Diver
You will become an awesome diver with UTD training. You will learn the skills you need to be the best, badass team diver in the water. Travel the world, see its underwater wonders, and dive knowing you’ve trained with the best.