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Dive Training Does Not Have to Be About Certification

Here’s how it works: Students are clients; UTD instructors are coaches; the goal of coaching is the process, not the outcome. In other words, great scuba training does not have to be tied to certification.

Great scuba training does not have to be focused on the outcome. It can be about the process.

If we take a page from coaching in almost every other discipline, coaches make athletes better. It is not just about making a runner or cyclist faster; it’s about making them better. Beyond just a training schedule, great coaching programs include all the things that make an athlete better: core and strength training, nutrition, hydration, recovery, the mental aspects of the sport – so much more than what can be covered in a simple certification course.

UTD Scuba Coaching

The Process

  1. A client enrolls in the UTD coaching subscription program using a llink provided by their UTD scuba coach. The subscription includes all the UTD course content for their coaching category: foundational, tech, or cave/wreck.
  2. The new client receives an entry questionnaire, where they define their goals, their schedule, their team, and some of their dive history, along with the standard waiver, medical form, etc.
  3. The coach creates a plan for that client. The plan can be different for each client due to their schedules and needs. The plan will be weekly and delivered to the client by email. The client will be responsible for sending their coach weekly scheduling conflicts so the coach does not schedule something that cannot be accomplished. The goal is that students can complete every session.
  4. The weekly plan includes a wide variety of training – pool and/or open water sessions; core, strength, and aerobic fitness sessions; nutritional and hydration suggestions; equipment management and maintenance sessions; academic training.
  5. Certification can be part of the training where it is appropriate. For example, if a coaching client completes all the requirements for Rec 2, the coach (if a UTD instructor as opposed to a UTD divemaster) can issue certification.
  6. There will be training blocks, where the whole UTD community will be working on the same thing – Back Kick Month, Navigation Month, Night Diving Month, etc. UTD HQ will provide program guidance for these topics. The coach can choose whether these short term programs are appropriate for their individual clients.
  7. UTD HQ will coordinate regional, national, and international training camps, particularly focused on recreational/foundational divers. 

Scuba Coaching with Jeff – Recreational, Technical, Leadership

Includes a weekly scuba diving and/or fitness training program with UTD founder and CEO Jeff Seckendorf. Includes all UTD content for your category.

Scuba Coaching with Ben – Recreational, Technical, Leadership

Includes a weekly scuba diving and/or fitness training program with UTD Training Director Ben Bos. Includes all UTD content for your category.

Scuba Coaching with the UTD team – Recreational and Technical Coaching

Includes a weekly scuba diving training program with a UTD instrucor/coach. Includes all UTD content for your category..

Contact us at UTD Scuba Diving for more information on UTD’s Scuba Coaching program. Change your diving, change your life.

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