Chew Poh Chang

Position: Foundational, Tech, Cave Instructor and IT
Chew Poh Chang has been diving since 1991. His passion for diving sees him progress from a recreational diver to Instructor and Course Director with NAUI/IANTD/DAN/UTD. Poh Chang has been teaching for more than 20 years and has trained recreational divers, technical divers, instructors, instructor trainers and course directors. His key focus is to provide safe and quality training, actively promoting UTD and Hogarthian philosophies and encourages divers to be a “thinking diver”. His diving and experience has been mainly:
1) South China Karst Plain Project SCKPP project lead
2) Asia Extreme ICE Diving Project AEIDP Deep wrecks in South China Sea
3) Asia Pacific Shipwreck Expedition Project APSEP
4) 360 Mapping of Mexico Caves lead member
In his leisure time, another newly developed passion is to cruise through the wrecks with his underwater scooter and documenting the wonders of underwater with his video camera.
Diving Qualification
UTD Tech/Cave/Wreck Instructor Trainer #18
NAUI Course Director and Technical Instructor NAUI First aid/CPR/AED/Oxygen Instructor
NAUI DPV Instructor (Dive-X DPV)
IANTD Technical Instructor IANTD Trimix and Meg RB Diver
DAN Oxygen Instructor
Diving Interests
Poh Chang is an avid underwater photographer and 360 video pioneer. When he is not teaching, you will see him in the water with his 360 camera taking photographs and videos for his gallery. He is particularly attracted to caves and wrecks as they give him a sense of mystery. Now he enjoys traveling and sharing UTD skills and knowledge to anyone around the world.
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Teaching these classes:

Recreational Classes Tech, Overhead, and RB Classes Leadership Classes
Extreme Scuba Makeover
Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver
Recreational 1
Recreational 2
Recreational 3
Essentials of Recreational Diving – Back Mount
Essentials of Recreational Diving – Side Mount
Essentials of Scientific Diving
Drysuit Diver
Nitrox Diver
Recreational Wreck Diver
Propulsion MINI
Side Mount MINI
Navigation MINI
Night MINI
Underwater Video and Photo Storytelling
Rescue Diver
First Aid/CPR/AED/O2 Provider
Essentials of Technical Diving – Back Mount
Essentials of Technical Diving – Side Mount
Doubles MINI – Back Mount
Doubles MINI – Side Mount
Stage MINI
Techreational Diver
Tech 1
Two-Bottle Endorsement for Tech 1
Tech 2
Tech 3
Tech Gold
Ratio Deco 3.0
Technical Gas Blender
Cylinder and Valve Technician
Dry Suit Repair Technician
Regulator Repair Technician
Overhead Protocols
Cave 1
Cave 2 – Full Cave
Cave 3
Cave Gold
Wreck 1
Wreck 2
Wreck 3
Wreck Gold
Guide Line MINI
Overhead Scooter
mCCR Overhead
pSCR Overhead
Divemaster / Coach
IDC Prep
Foundational IDC