John Goh

Position: Foundational Instructor + Essentials of Tech

I started diving since 2015 and along the years of diving, progressively trained to become a Tech and Cave diver.  I am member of AEIDP (Asia Extreme ICE Diving Project) as well as SCKPP (South China Karst Plain Project).  Doing project and joining expedition opens up my horizon to diving as such, it changes how the way I look at diving in perspective of quality of training, skills, awareness, etc.  When all this fundamental comes into place together, diving has never been such enjoyable.

Beside Tech or Cave diving, I also enjoy doing leisure dive with my dive buddies, doing underwater photography as well as videography of marine life.   It is also during such trip, together with my other UTD buddies we will share our experience, knowledge and knowhow to non UTD divers on how we dive, why the way we dive etc.  It is in such “ah-ha” moments, that captures and builds interest to other divers to want to know more and learn with us.

Along side to diving, is physical fitness.  I am into fitness and advocating it, as I truly believe with good fitness, it helps a lot in diving as well.  Beside sharing fitness knowledge to my buddies, I also encourage them to stay fit and eat healthy.  Moving forward, I am looking at organizing weekend running session with my dive buddies so that everyone stays in shape.

I am glad to be with UTD family and I look forward to see myself growing further.

Rec Classes Tech, OH, and RB Classes
Extreme Scuba Makeover
Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver
Recreational 1
Recreational 2
Recreational 3
Essentials of Recreational Diving – Back Mount
Essentials of Recreational Diving – Side Mount
Drysuit Diver
Nitrox Diver
Propulsion MINI
Side Mount MINI
Navigation MINI
Night MINI
Rescue Diver
First Aid/CPR/AED/O2 Provider
Essentials of Technical Diving – Back Mount
Essentials of Technical Diving – Side Mount
Doubles MINI – Back Mount
Doubles MINI – Side Mount
Stage MINI