Marco De Martino

Position: Foundational + Ess.of Tech Instructor

At the age of 18 I approach diving, following in my father’s footsteps. The passion is strong but the sense of duty is more so, so the equipment remains in the cellar during the years of study until 2011, the year of the return to the sea.

Since then, every moment has become the right one to put your head in the water. In 2014, already a recreational instructor, I begin to feel the need to “do things the right way” and approach the DIR system. The foundations are gradually strengthened until TECH2 certification is obtained in 2015 and FOUNDATIONAL INSTRUCTOR UTD in 2017.

I currently carry out my activity as an instructor in Campania in Naples for recreational programs up to the Essentials of Tech trying to transfer my passion and respect for the sea to my students.