O2 Clean Up

The purpose of the Oxygen Clean Up course is to provide experienced recreational divers with the ability to switch to an O2 deco bottle at 20ft/6m to assist with off gassing from a recreational dive. This class is NOT a decompression class and is not designed to give divers access to run times longer than no-decompression limits, but rather to acquire the skills, knowledge, and experience to safely switch to an oxygen bottle at the end of a recreational dive.

The goals of the Oxygen Clean Up Class are to:

  • To develop the students’ practical knowledge and understanding of the use and management of a single O2 bottle.
  • To develop the students’ understanding of the risks associated with diving with an O2 bottle.
  • To enable the student to switch to an O2 bottle for one 10-minute oxygen cycle at 20ft/6m.


  • Must meet UTD General Course Prerequisites as outlined in Section 1.6
  • Minimum age of 18
  • Completed UTD registration process
  • UTD Recreational 2, Recreational 3, or higher, or equivalent