JJ-CCR Diver


  • Factory certified course
  • Learn to dive one of the best CCR’s
  • Integrates fully with our UTD /DIR principals


JJ-CCR Diver

We are proud to be able to offer you factory-certified CCR training on the JJ-CCR. These materials will help you with preparing for your course as well as provide you with a good reference guide to keep your skills sharp and refresh your knowledge if needed. You will find a number of useful articles and documents in the “CCR Knowledge repository”. Great care has been taken to provide you with the most up-to-date materials in the market. And if these will be updated in the future, you will automatically find them in your materials.

The JJ-CCR Diver course is a 4-day program designed to either introduce and teach the new rebreather diver to diving on the JJ-CCR, as well as provide a cross-over for existing CCR divers coming from a different CCR platform.

You will go over:

  • Minimum of ten hours of academic review of the online materials
  • Two confined water dives (2 hours ). Optional for crossover students.
  • Six open water dives (6 hours ), of which four are critical skills dives and two are experience dives.

You will learn all about rebreather diving in general and the advantages and disadvantages of CCR Diving. You will learn the ins and outs of diving the JJ-CCR and how to prepare, check and take care of the JJ-CCR.

This course will make you a safe and proficient JJ-CCR diver in the recreational range of 30m / 100ft and within the no-decompression limits or MDL, minimum deco limits. Using Air or Nitrox 32% as diluent.

The way you will learn to configure your bail-out cylinder will completely integrate with our UTD/DIR philosophy and the skills you learn will completely be consistent and transferrable to the upper-level CCR classes we offer.

The courses held by our instructors are of the highest quality and our CCR level courses never have more than 3 new CCR students.

The prerequisites to take part in our JJ-CCR Diver program are:

  1. Must be a minimum age of 21 years of age.
  2. Must have completed the online UTD CCR Diver class and test.
  3. Must be UTD Essentials of Rec certified or equivalent. 
  4. Must have UTD Rec 2 or equivalent.
  5. Must have a minimum of 100 dives.
  6. Must be able to swim a distance of at least 60 feet/18 meters on a breath-hold.
  7. Must be able to swim at least 300 yards/275 meters in less than 12 minutes without stopping.
  8. All participants must be able to tow a diver in full equipment, in the environment they will be diving in, for 10 minutes.
  9. All participants must demonstrate the rescue of a diver simulating oxygen toxicity or unconsciousness.

Equipment Requirements

  • 1 Rebreather: Factory complaint JJ-CCR Fully-closed circuit rebreather as the model for the respective course
  • Tank/Cylinders: Students are required to use tanks/cylinders that provide sufficient diluent, oxygen, drysuit inflation if used. And bailout to meet rock bottom requirements. and have a single outlet valve, which allows for the use of a single first stage and allows the diver to manipulate the tank valves. 
  • An oxygen bottle with a single first stage is used to supply the rebreather with O2. 
  • The diluent bottle with a single first stage is used to supply the rebreather with diluent gas and provide gas to the BCD. 
  • The bailout cylinder with a single first stage must have two-second stages and be able to supply the diver with bailout gas in the form of a necklace configured second stage as well as a 3 foot / 1-meter hose clipped off to the right chest D-ring for air share donation to a teammate. There must be a pressure gauge on the bailout system to identify gas quantity. All dives must start with a minimum of 40cf/1200 liters of gas in the bailout cylinder.
  • Buoyancy Compensator:  Back-mounted wing, mated with a harness and backplate
  • At least one depth-measuring device
  • At least one time-keeping device
  • Mask and fins: fins must be of the non-split variety
  • At least one cutting device
  • Underwater slate or Wet Notes
  • Exposure suit appropriate for the duration of exposure
  • At least one surface marker buoy per diver on a spool with 100ft/30m line


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