By accepting membership as a UTD Scuba Diving, LLC (UTD) Instructor or Divemaster
Renewal, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. UTD Instructor Membership is an earned privilege, and you agree to teach in
the highest possible integrity. You agree to support your fellow UTD Instructors.

2. You agree to abide by the most current UTD Standards and Procedures as
posted on the website.

3. You agree to maintain current professional liability dive instructor insurance.

4. You agree to participate in a first aid and O2 refresher course every two years.

5. You agree to contact UTD Headquarters with any change in address or dive

6. You agree to contact UTD Headquarters if at any time you become subject to
any investigation, action or proceeding brought by any scuba diving association
or organization.

7. You agree to the use (full or in part and forever) by UTD of all videotapes and
photographs taken of you and/or recordings made of your voice and/or written
extraction, in whole or in part for the purposes of illustration, broadcast, or
distribution in any manner. Any and all training, educational, and support
materials written and/or recorded by you for publication by UTD become the
wholly owned property of UTD.

9. You agree to hold as confidential any and all information, content, and media
that is specifically noted as for UTD Instructors only. You agree not to share this
information with any student or other third party.

8. You agree to meet your financial obligations to UTD in a timely manner.