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Changes in 6.1b
Very minor typo edits and slight renumbering of several sections/paragraphs.

Changes in 6.1a
Added scuba unit R&R in confined water and remove [if safe] in open water.
Minor typo and syntax changes.

Changes in v6.1
Added Oxygen Cleanup Class, (3-212, plus minor edits to v6.e, mostly typo fixes and grammatical errors..

Changes in v6.e
Minor edits to v6.d. mostly typo fixes and grammatical errors, some small inconsistencies in Section 3 repaired.

Changes in v6.d
Minor edits to v6.c

Changes in v6.c
Minor edits to v6.b

Changes in v6.b
Minor edits to v6.a

Changes in v6.0a
This is a major edit that revises sections 1, 2, and 4

Changes in v5.0c
This is a minor edit that includes:

  • 3-7 Added UTD Coaching section

Changes in v5.0b
This is a minor edit that includes:

  • 3-113 Advanced Open Water and Recreational 2 Diver
    Amends this course description to define Advanced Open Water as consisting of three modules: recreational deep (100ft/30m), night, and navigation and Recreational 2 as the same three modules plus a nitrox module.
  • 3-221 Propulsion MINI and/or Back Kick MINI
    Expanded to include all propulsion techniques or may be taught as Back Kick MINI only.

Major changes in v5.0a

This is a major rewrite that includes name and description changes to technical courses, adjustments to recreational courses, and new procedures for instructor training.

Major changes in v3.6

  • 2.0, Conduct Policies and Procedures, p8, added paragraph about copyright on UTD intellectual property
  • 3.0-106, Added Junior Open Water Diver
  • 3.0-107, Added Confined Water Diver
  • 4.3, Foundational and Side Mount Instructor Trainer Prerequisites, slight change in requirements for UTD Instructor Trainer

Only change in v3.5a

  • 4-1, Added requirement that instructor candidates present personal skills video to Training Advisory Board prior to admission into an IDC.

Major changes in v3.5 include:

  • 3-110, Revision of Rec 1 to become Open Water with Nitrox
  • 4.3, Clarification of Instructor Trainer Prerequisistes

Major changes in v3.4a include:

  • New wreck penetration standards. The wreck program is now three classes:
    3-480, Wreck Penetration Diver (100’/30m, one reel, no deco, no stage).
    3-482, Wreck Gold (100’/30m, one stage, complex nav).
    3-484, Technical Wreck (deco and stages as per students’ current certification)
  • 3-601, Divemaster Standards:
    Minimum age for UTD DIvemaster is 19.
    Minimum number of dives is 100.
    “NOTE: At the discretion of a UTD Instructor Trainer, UTD DIvemaster certification may be attained by fully participating in a UTD Instructor Development Course. All prerequisites still apply.”
  • 4.0 UTD Instructor Standards and Procedures
    Foundational Instructor: Added the part about Rec 2:
    “Foundational Instructors without at least one year prior teaching experience with a recognized Scuba training agency may only teach non-critical skills classes for their first year unless certified as UTD Tech 2 or equivalent.”
    Added UTD Gold Instructor and IT Prep classes.


Major changes in v3.3 include:

  • 1.0 Name change from UTD International, LLC to UTD International, Inc.
  • 125.5 Added First Aid/CPR/AED/O2


Major changes in v3.2d include:

  • Section 1.3, Training Process and Definitions, added to Training Categories #8, UTD Equipment Education.
  • Section 1.5, Removed text stating critical skills must be taught with a matched (back mount/side mount) team.
  • 3-112, Defines Rec 2’s modular structure.
  • Section 4, Foundational Instructors with less than one year teaching experience may only teach non-critical skills classes for their first year (re-written – former text restricted those instructors to OW, Nitrox, Rescue, Dry Suit).


Major changes in v3.2a include:

  • Section 4.3, Instructor Trainers, added requirement that UTD Instructor Trainers may not actively teach for other agencies.


Major changes in v3.2 include:

  • Complete rewrite of Sections 4.0 and 4.1, including paragraphs on instructor re-qualification, prerequisites, IDC prerequisites, foundational modules, category modules, internships and co-teaching, and evaluation modules.
  • 4.2, Minor changes to instructor development course and modules.
  • 4.3, Instructor Trainers. Rewrite of definitions, other minor changes.


Major changes in v3.1 include:

  • 1.0, Changed phone number
  • 1.2, Added Zuba Diver as a UTD Training Category
  • 3-260, Added Regulator Repair and Field Maintenance
  • 3-101, Added Zuba Open Water Diver
  • 3-102, Added Zuba Junior Open Water Diver
  • 3-103, Added Zuba Confined Water Diver
  • 3-103.5, Added Zuba Supervised Diver
  • 3-104, Added Extreme Scuba Makeover
  • 3-122, Changed Nitrox Diver, to allow combining of dives with other classes
  • 3-260, Added Regulator Repair and Field Maintenance
  • 4.1, Added optional co-teach requirement for instructor candidates


Major changes in v3.0 include:

  • 1.3 – New Open Water/Zuba training category.
  • 3-101, 3-102, 3-103, New Zuba Diver standards
  • 3-605, Added standards for IDC Prep
  • 4.0, New Instructor Categories and Prerequisites


Major changes in v2.2 include:

  • 3-123 – Addition of standards for Dry Suit Mini.
  • 3-182 – Essentials of Tech/Cave/Wreck Side Mount combined into one class.
  • 3-190 – Added Side Mount mini for students who are Essentials of Rec or Tech in back mount and only want a side mount conversion class.
  • Slight reordering of classes in Section 3.


Major changes in v2.0 include:

  • Slight reordering of classes in Section 3.
  • 3-180, 182, 184 – Addition of Essentials of Rec Side Mount, Tech Side Mount, and Overhead Side Mount.
  • 3-170 – Addition of Essentials of Scientific Diver
  • 3-200 – Revision to Tech program to allow 18/45 in Tech 2, Stage becomes optional in Tech 2, and can be taken as a Stage Endorsement for Tech 1 or Tech 2.
  • 3-400 – Major revision to the Cave program. Cave 1 and Cave 2 are now part of a complete certification called Cave Diver. Cave 1 is mainline only and expires in 24 months. Cave 2 is unlimited navigation and does not expire. Endorsements are available for stage (Cave Gold), Tech Cave, Scooter Cave, Side Mount Cave, and Rebreather Cave. Overhead Protocols is now mandatory within 12 months prior to Cave 1.
  • 3-460 – Added Advanced Side Mount Cave Diver.
  • 3-470 – Added Expedition Cave Diver (replaces Cave 3).
  • 4.0 – Added category for Side Mount Instructor
  • 4.2 – Added Side Mount Module to IDC.
  • Appendix – Updated Instructor Recommendation and Instructor Agreement Forms.
  • Appendix – Added or revised definitions for Cavern, Mainline, Jump, Gap, Endorsement, Speciality, and Mini.


Major changes in v1.13 include:

  • 1.4 – Added side mount class prerequisites
  • 3.0 – Revised class naming convention for all UTD classes
  • 3.0-1 – Added allowance for all classes to be taken in side mount configuration
  • 3.0-2, 3, and 4 – Separated minimum equipment for OC back mount, OC side mount, and closed/semi-closed circuit
  • Added 3-131 – Essentials of Recreational Side Mount Diving
  • Added 3-132 – Essentials of Scientific Diving
  • Added 3-202 – Essentials of Technical Side Mount Diving
  • Added 3-420 – Essentials of Cave Side Mount Diving
  • Added 3-421 – Cave Rebreather Diver
  • Added 3-442 – Cave Side Mount Diver


Major changes in v1.12 include:

  • Re-ordering and re-numbering of certain classes in Section 3
  • Revision of Side Mount Protocols to 3.3 Essentials of Side Mount Diving
  • Addition of 3.8-3 Cave 2 Rebreather Diver
  • Addition of 3.8-4 Cave 3 Rebreather Diver
  • Addition of a placeholder for 3.8-5 Cave Side Mount Diver – Standards to be written in the future.
  • Added Maximum Allowable Deco Time for each class to the Depth and Gas Limits Chart in the appendix.


Changes in v1.11a were minor

  • Revisions to 3.9-1, 3.9-2, and 3.9-3 reflecting the change from MC-90 rebreather to MX-90 rebreather.


Major changes in v1.10

  • Section 4 addresses the categories of instructors (Open Water, Foundational, Tech, Trimix, Overhead, Rebreather) and the Instructor Candidate Evaluation process.


Major changes from v1.8 to v 1.9 include:

  • 3.10-2 Added pSCR Gold certification
  • 4.0 Revised instructor categories to include Open Water Instructor

Major changes from v1.8 to 1.8a include:

  • Adjust limitations for jumps and T’s in cavern zone in Cave 1.

Major changes from v1.6 include:

  • 3.1-0 Added UTD Open Water Class
  • 3.3 Changed name of Intro to Tech to Essentials of Technical Diving
  • 3.6-1 Added Essentials of Overhead Diving
  • 3.9 Changed name of Fundamentals of Rebreather Diving to Essentials of Rebreather Diving
  • 3.16-1 Added Technical Gas Blender
  • 3.16-2 Added Cylinder and Valve Technician