Marco Alberti

Position: Foundational and Tech Instructor

I have a great passion for water that is sea, lake or cave. I love wrecks, large coral reefs and vertical walls.

In 1996 during a holiday in Sardinia I started my first diving course and it was love at first sight.

I begin to get passionate about technical diving and I’m going to obtain the trimix instructor license and to spend all my energy on this type of diving training constantly and keeping up to date as much as possible.

All this was not enough and in 2010 the decision to open a dive in Liguria and decide to change your life and in all respects transform this great passion into a full-time job.

I felt that my training needed to evolve and from here approved in UTD where I finally find in the DIR / HOGATHIAN system a 360 degree training, stardardized with protocol and procedure that makes the impression even more fun and safe.

I carry out my activity mainly in Liguria, where our AMP of Portofino gives us magnificent backdrops with a unique biodiversity that is given to us to carry out any type of dive, from that of 10 meters up to 100 meters always with the same charm. There are also many wrecks for all tastes and levels that tell a fascinating story with every dive. However, I am available to organize courses throughout Italy.