ADR – Annual Dive Review


  • Refresh
  • Stay sharp
  • Try new gear
  • Training SCUBA is a continuous journey


The ADR, or Annual Dive review, is the UTD Refresher course. This product does not have any specific documents or online content linked to it as it is meant as a vehicle for registration only, for your and our records to show you have participated in the ADR program. You will be guided by your instructor on the contents of your ADR.

It can be as straightforward as a review of the Basic 6 skills from your Open Water course or a fine tuning of your finning technique, or SMB deploy, or other skills. But it can also be a more complex set of technical dives to keep your technical, or ccr, or even cave skills sharp.

We recommend all divers from all levels take an ADR on a regular basis to stay sharp in their diving skills and refresh their knowledge. It does not have to be linked to a period of inactivity. Doing the same thing over and over again creates a lot of routines but might also dull your senses and make you complacent about certain risks and dangers.

An ADR can be completed in many different ways. For example, joining in on a course at your current level. You can also use the ADR to familiarize yourself with new equipment, like a new drysuit or new wing, or even a camera setup. Talk to your instructor and ask for his or her opinion on how they can best assist you.