Essentials of Technical Diving


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Essentials of Technical Diving

What is the goal of this class?

Become a “Thinking Diver”

The UTD Essentials of Technical Diving course is a point of entry for many certified divers and is the prerequisite for most technical UTD classes. The UTD Essentials of Tech gives every diver an opportunity to learn the personal diving skills needed to participate in a unified team, and be safe and in control while in the water finning around as a DIR “thinking diver.”

First up is breathing which leads to buoyancy. Precise buoyancy, combined with a horizontal trim position, is the hallmark for a good Scuba Diver, of control in the water. You’ll learn to effortlessly hold your position in the water, which leads to the next set of skills: propulsion, where you’ll learn five different kicks (frog-kick, modified frog-kick, modified flutter-kick, helicopter turn, and back-kick) that eliminate silting and increase your control, allowing you to move both forward and backward. Other skills include proper air sharing procedures called S-drills, team protocols, SMB usage, Rock Bottom gas planning, Ratio Deco 3.0 ascent strategies, And now for the twinset the two double cylinders on your back. You will learn how to perform our Valve Drill and about the different reasons the regulators are configured in the way they are. You will also learn how to work with a stage/deco cylinder.

Course limits

  • Maximum depth is 60’/18m
  • Standard gas is Air or Nitrox 32%
  • No decompression diving
  • No overhead environments

Who is this class for?

The UTD Essentials of Tech is designed to introduce aspiring tech divers or established certified tech divers in the world of DIR Diving (Doing It Right), and cultivate the core techniques required by all sound diving practices, regardless of level or environment. Essentials of Technical  Diving acts as a bridge between conventional training and UTD’s more demanding curriculum. If you would like to also learn about these skills but are not interested in Technical diving or at least not yet, then the Essentials of Rec program is for you. You can always upgrade from Rech to Tech at a later time. Without starting over.


  • Minimum 16 years of age.
  • Must be a certified open water diver from a recognized training agency
  • Completed UTD online registration process
  • Completed The UTD Essentials Online course
  • All UTD classes are Non Smoking
  • Must be able to swim a distance of at least 50 feet/15 meters on a breath hold.
  • Must be able to swim at least 300 yards/275 meters in less than 14 minutes without stopping.

How long does it take?*

Essentials of Technical Diving is normally conducted over a 4-day period combining theory lectures, practical (in-water) sessions, and video debriefings.

What can I do after I obtain certification?

The Essentials of Technical Diving is where students receive the foundation of UTD/DIR philosophy, configuration, and in-water skills. The class is designed for any diver that wants to learn about the benefits of UTD and apply them to their diving. The class is not only geared toward the beginning tech diver, but even seasoned veteran tech divers have found that by incorporating UTD principles into their diving practices, they increase both safety and fun.
Photographers and videographers will especially appreciate the detailed training in propulsion & precision buoyancy control that assists you in getting that perfect shot! Instructors will appreciate the “fresh look” at diver training and skill development. This is a great first step towards learning and understanding the Unified Team Diving approach.

You will be evaluated during the class to obtain the UTD “Essentials of Technical Diving” Certification. This Certification will allow you to continue within the UTD Recreational Training curriculum. UTD classes are filmed for educational and review purposes only.  We believe it is invaluable for students to visually focus on their individual in-water skills, situational awareness, communication, and team diving. Learning to self-evaluate is an important aspect of the class.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Purchase these online materials. These materials will be yours for life. Also, any future updates to these materials will automatically be updated so you can stay current with the latest knowledge. During the buying process, you will be guided through a registration waiver. Here you can choose your instructor. After the waiver has been completed your instructor will also be notified

Step 2: Reach out to your instructor and schedule the class

Step 3: Get going with the online materials and supplemental materials you might receive.

Step 4: Spread the word you are taking this class, and start building your UNIFIED DIVING TEAM.

The costs and pricing structure for UTD courses is almost always built up in 3 sections
1:The price for the course materials you buy directly at the UTD website.
2: The price for the in-person instruction from your instructor
3: Local fees or diving expenses. These could be entry fees, pool rental, equipment rental, etc. inquire with your instructor for details about this. If this course requires the instructor to travel to or with you, the students share the traveling costs of the instructor.

*The course duration is determined by a baseline of the abilities of the average students and coupled with what we need to comfortably introduce the skills and go over the theory content.

However, when you buy a UTD course from one of our instructors, you pay for training not for a “plastic reward for participation”. We will give you the ability to look at your strengths and weaknesses, and during the class, we can expand on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses.

Scuba Diving is highly skills-based and theory-based, throw in some complex equipment and you get a mixture of many aspects to master. You should be comfortable with all three aspects to get the most out of your diving and be safe. All of us learn at different paces. It is therefore almost impossible to give everybody the same timeframe to master the complete curriculum.

Some students might need more coaching or just more time to master certain aspects of the course. You can always do so by seeking out more training outside the curriculum and the time constraints of the standard course layout. You can find the price for extra training with your instructor.

If you together with your instructor decide that more training is needed, we have a document called “Path to completion” It will give you a clear path to reach your goal. That can be a beginner taking the first scuba class, or the advanced diver moving into technical diving. All will succeed…at their own pace.


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