Oxygen clean-up for Recreational divers


  • Get out of the water feeling more fresh
  • Perfect for the aging diver
  • Benefit from Oxygen without getting TEKKIE


The UTD Oxygen Clean-Up course trains a recreational diver to switch to oxygen as a clean up gas at the end of a min-deco ascent. This course is designed for the UTD Rec 2 or Rec 3 diver (or equivalent Advanced with Nitrox) who wants to get the benefit from oxygen after the final stops of their recreational dive have been completed.

Doing a 30m / 100ft dive to the limits – let’s say 20min using air or 30min using Nitrox 32 – is in some way riskier and more stressful on your body than a technical dive where we count on and plan for decompression.

Recreational dives to the limit are thought of and generalized as NO-DECOMPRESSION LIMIT dives. That’s the jargon. However, every dive below 9m/30ft is a decompression dive. In our UTD jargon, we talk about MDL (Minimum Decompression Limit) instead of the industry-wide NDL (No Decompression Limit).

By implementing our slow ascent where we reduce the ascent rate from 10m/30ft per minute to 3m/10ft per minute at 50% of our depth on the ascent we have already greatly reduced the decompression stress on the slower tissues in our bodies. Adding oxygen at the end of an ascent profile can reduce that stress even more.

Multiple factors can play a role in the total decompression stress on you as a diver. These are just to name a few:

  • Cold
  • Age
  • Exhaustion
  • Dehydration
  • Repetitive Dives
  • Multi-Day dive events

So if you want to be sure you are reducing the decompression stress on your body as much as possible consider enrolling in our Oxygen Clean Up course for recreational divers. Here you will learn the techniques and skills needed to safely use oxygen on your recreational dives without taking a full-blown tech course.


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