Ratio Deco 3.0


  • Get comfortable with decompression theory
  • Know what makes sense on your instruments
  • Learn how to manage your risk and know how you can prioritize when stuff goes wrong
  • Plan DECO on the fly and combine it with your gas plan.

Ratio Deco

Ratio deco is a simple way for the diver to calculate his or her max bottom time or decompression time, based on certain ratios that exist between the bottom time and the decompressions obligation at a given depth. The UTD Ratio deco course gives you valuable insights into what factors play a role in the effectiveness of decompression.

We will teach you how you can benefit from applying certain simple rules to your ascent profile like an S-curve, and what we view as, and how to use deep stops.

We would like to add that one of the biggest benefits of using a Ratio Deco strategy within your team is that it keeps all divers sharp and awake.

You will go over:

Goals of Decompression
Strategy vs. Algorithm
Computer vs. Tables vs. PC
Why Ratio Deco?
How to put it into Practice


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