Extreme Scuba Makeover

Build Solid Buoyancy,
Balance and Trim!!!

If you are already a certified diver, ESM (Extreme Scuba Makeover) is an excellent first step towards taking any of the the UTD scuba diving courses.  During this two (2) lecture and two (2) hour confined water scuba course you will learn to build a solid foundation of buoyancy, balance and trim touching on propulsion. This is an excellent primer for any of our essentials classes. You want to build this base before tackling any of the skills in the essentials classes (propulsion, basic 6, s-drills, valve drills and so on).


ESM gives every diver an opportunity to learn precise buoyancy, combined with a horizontal trim position, and excellent balance. These are the hallmark of control in the water You’ll learn to effortlessly hold your position in the water, which leads to the next set of skills taught in the essentials of ….classes (propulsion, proper air sharing procedures, team protocols, gas planning, ascent strategies, and much more.)

This class is the point of entry for all previously certified divers and offer a great way to prepare for any UTD Essentials of …. classes or other agency classes such as “Fundamentals”)