Recreational Diver 3

UTD’s Recreational Diver 3 class is a Non-Decompression (NDL) Helitrox course structured to prepare divers for deeper recreational diving using proper equipment, diving techniques and standard Helium breathing mixtures.

Recreational Diver 3 training continues the Essentials of Rec / Essentials of Tech and the Recreational 2 or equivalent skills and is designed to cultivate, integrate and expand those skills required for safe deeper recreational diving.

The class will incorporate more advanced decompression theories and the use of correct ascent procedures along with problem identification/resolution, while building the capacity for progressively more challenging diving. In this class, students will be trained in: (a) the use of single or double tanks/cylinders and in the potential failure problems associated with them; (b) the use of Nitrox and Helitrox for extended bottom times; and (c) the use of Helium to minimize narcosis, CO2, gas density and post dive “nitrogen stress.”

The UTD Recreational 3 course is normally conducted over a 3-4 day period, and cumulatively involves a minimum of 30 hours of instruction including academics, pool/confined water, and open water dives to 130’/39m using Helitrox 25/25 as a breathing gas. The final dives are “experience dives,” where you will use your new skills while being “shadowed” by your instructor.  

This is an NDL/min deco class preparing a diver for depths to 130’/39m without accelerated decompression procedures.