Recreational Diver 2

UTD Rec 2 Advanced Training

Are you an open water diver looking for the next step in advanced dive training?

Then UTD’s Modular Recreational 2 Advanced Diver course is for you.

Rec 2 expands your diving to deeper depths, night dives, and more advanced gases.

Rec 2 is based around four modules:

  • Critical Skills
  • Nitrox
  • Deep
  • Night

You must take the Critical Skills module first. Then you can take the other modules in any order.

Rec 2 online classroom materials cover all four modules. The Critical Skills Module is mandatory and must be completed prior to any of the other three modules, which can then be completed in any order. The four modules can also be combined into one contiguous class.

The Critical Skills Module includes problem identification and resolution, building the capacity for progressively more challenging diving. In this class, students will be trained in the use of single or double tanks/cylinders (in either back mount or side mount) and in the potential failure problems associated with them. This module is normally conducted over one pool session and two open water dives.

The Rec 2 Nitrox Module includes the expanded use of Nitrox for extended bottom times. This module includes two dives: buoyancy control and toxing/unconscious diver recovery. The Nitrox Module dives may be combined with other dives from the Rec 2 modules.

The Rec 2 Deep Module includes gas planning and ascent strategies for dives to 100’/30m, along with the use of a surface marker buoy (SMB) and mid water ascent strategies. This module requires two dives to depths of 80-100’/24-30m.

The Rec 2 Night Module includes two night dive and addresses proper air-sharing procedures at night, navigation, and loss of primary and backup lighting.

Each of the four UTD Recreational 2 modules are normally conducted over a 1-2 day period, cumulatively involving a minimum of 32 hours of instruction including academics, pool/confined water, and open water dives. On completion of each module, you receive a certification for that particular module. On completion of all four modules, you receive a Rec 2 certification.