Ratio Deco 3.0 Live online class by: Ben Bos


Friday, March 24th from 08:00-11:00 pm CET, and Friday, March 31st from 08:00-11:00 pm CET

  • Learn to be proactive when it comes to decompression planning
  • Know that what your computer is telling you, is correct
  • Get more out of your dives
  • Totally integrate your gas consumption with decompression planning
  • Become a thinking diver


Full Ratio Deco 3.0 online class

Friday, March 24th from 08:00-11:00 pm CET, and Friday, March 31st from 08:00-11:00 pm CET

Ben will take you over all the slides presented in the online materials, if you do not have access to the materials yes buy them here: RATIO DECO 3.0 Online materials

During these 2 days ( approximately 3hrs per day) We will go over the complete curriculum of the UTD Ratio Deco strategy and teach you every little detail about its history, its development, and most importantly how to use it. As a disclaimer, we might be talking about dives and depths or decompression times beyond the scope of your in-water training at his point. This class doe not remove the need for training to go to these depths or commit to the deco times. But you will be better prepared for the theory and application once you obtain these higher levels in your diving career.

Who is this for:
This is basically for every diver. At least for every diver who wants to know the latest developments in Decompression theory and who wants to be proactive regarding your dive planning and possible adjustments needed underwater. But what does that mean? “proactive”. Think about the time you have left underwater and relate that to the time you have left with regard to the gas you have available. And not just look at a screen that tells you the TTS, time to surface or NDL, No decompression limit. And wait for the counter to go down or up. And then look at your SPG and see you are not in the RED yet. All good right??? Maybe, maybe not. You will learn how you can stay 100% in control. ( hint: a transmitter does not do this 🙂 ). It is also for the newly certified diver, you will get a great base of knowledge you can take with you on all you dive in the future. It is also for the advanced tech diver with years of tech diving under their belt. The higher your level the more you will get out of this class.

What do you need:
You need a computer or tablet for the online class that will be held via a ZOOM meeting. After you sign up for the class your will be sent a link to the ZOOM session. For better interaction, you need a headset with a microphone. A normal phone headset will do. You need access to the online RATIO DECO 3.0 Online materials to participate in this class. If you have access to the online RATIO DECO 3.0 Online materials through your coaching program or through your purchase of your Tech Diver levels online materials you can use those chapters. Just be aware that the Tech levels only include up to the level of that Tech course. As an example, Techreational only includes up to Ratio Deco 3.0, 1:1 Decompression with Oxygen. If you have the Tech package you have all the other chapters as well. The price for the online materials is not included in the price of this live class. Neither is the class included in the materials. You need both. Just like you need a Book in school. The book is separate from the tuition.

What do you get:
You get at least 6 hours of live online teaching by Training Director, Ben Bos. This will be interactive over a private ZOOM session. There will be the possibility to ask questions and discuss topics you might have. Your class will not have more than 8 participants to ensure everyone gets the attention required. The session will be recorded and you will have access to the recording one month after the online class via a private link.

So whether you use this class to learn about UTD Ratio Deco 3.0 for the first time or you use this as a refresher of your previous knowledge of Ratio Deco, you will benefit and learn something valuable.

If these dates or times don’t fit you, send me an email: ben@utdscubadiving.com and we can see if we can schedule another session.


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