Technical Diver Package


  • All the tech materials up to Tech 3
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  • Also includes all the technical Ratio Deco chapters


Technical Diver Package

What is in the package?

This package has all of our tech content for Technical open circuit diving from Techreational level to Tech 3 Diver. UTD teaches and trains for technical diving in a completely different way than traditional technical diving courses are taught. We call this type of training “Critical Skills Training”. You will not see your instructor much during the training dives, as a matter of fact, we don’t really call them training dives, we call the real dives because that’s what they are. The dives are set up in such a way that we can give the Team a goal or objective for the dive. And the instructor gives the team failures that make the team work together to deal with the failure. Usually, the failures are a result of the team making small mistakes during their dive. This ensures the divers are constantly having to revise their plan and keep an “exit strategy” in mind. This mean we don’t do failures in isolation of the dive. If an out of available gas signal is gives that dive ends on the surface. You don’t magically get your gas back. 

All of the UTD courses are built to give you the best chance to do the diving you train for, the most efficient and safest. The tech courses are no different. But that sounds like a marketing thing, right? all organizations say or write that. But what we mean by saying this is, that we do not give you boundaries to save our buts, when we think you are not ready for a certain level. As an example, we do not give you a suboptimal decompression gas in the early stages of your technical diving journey, because we think your skills are not sharp enough. We have programs like our Essentials of Tech to get you ready and sharp. You can always expect that we have the student diver in mind and trust that we won’t hold back on knowledge and skill development. If you are not ready to start on any given course, your instructor simply won’t let you start. Instead, he/she will give you a clear path to reach your goal. Either by taking a specific course path or through our coaching program.

We guarantee this way of training is the only way that sets you up for successful technical diving. See this video series that explains it. 

We have 5 Levels of technical diving.

Limits: Max depth: 39m 130feet
Deco: Max 30 minutes of decompression obligation, 1 deco cylinder
Gasses: Nx32%, Tmx 25/25. Deco gas: 100% Oxygen

This is a technical diving course, that introduces you to technical diving and, teaches the theory and skills you need for technical diving. Don’t think lightly about this course and don’t let the name or limits fool you. This is one of, the most demanding courses in the scuba industry. 

Tech 1 Diver
Limits: Max depth: 48m 160feet
Deco: Max 30 minutes of decompression obligation, 1 deco cylinder
Gasses: Nx32%, Tmx 25/25, 21/35. Deco gas: 50% Nitrox

You are now embarking on the next level of your technical diver education. In many respects, it’s similar to the Techreational level. However, we do not only go deeper underwater but also into the theory and skills and introduce a bit more complex failures to the curriculum, and more failures are introduced in the blue water (meaning not over the bottom). We build upon the knowledge and skills you have learned at your Techreational level. 

In many cases, we combine Techreational and Tech1 in one combined course, but that depends on the level of students and their experience. Talk to your instructor about these possibilities. 

Tech 2 Diver
Limits: Max depth: 60m 200feet
Deco: Max 60 minutes of decompression obligation, 2 deco cylinder
Gasses: Nx32%, Tmx 25/25, 21/35, 18:45. Deco gasses: 50% and 100% Oxygen

The Tech 2 diver Is truly taking things to the next level during this class we move into the realm of 1:2 Ratio Deco. That means that for every minute you spent at 60m you will need to do 2 minutes of decompression. So you see that it becomes more and more critical to be totally at ease with handling multiple decompression cylinders and more work when we are in blue water. Also, the bottom phase becomes more interesting as now time even becomes more scarce, and problems need to be solved or at least stabilized in an effective matter. The Tech 2 diving will be a challenging step, but for sure one, you will enjoy and it will reinforce your good skills from Techreational and Tech 1. 

Tech 3 Diver
Limits: Max depth: 75m 250feet
Deco: No limit decompression, 3 deco cylinders
Gasses: Nx32%, Tmx 25/25, 21/35, 18:45. Deco gasses: 35/25, 50% and 100% Oxygen

One of the highest levels in the industry! As a Tech 3 Diver, you will have reached a level of diving that demands the most out of every diver. At these depths, time flies, and gas disappears even faster. Your situational awareness and smoothness underwater have to be 100%. During this Tech 3 course, you will be put to the test when it comes to equipment handling and problem-solving. The failures your instructor will give the team will require the whole team to think and find the correct exit strategy. This level also pushes the limits on what is doable on open circuit diving. And many will seek to explore the benefits of CCR when reaching this level. But this ties perfectly into the UTD way of teaching as the CCR Tech levels perfectly complement and mirror the Open circuit levels.


This is the final level, this is more of an expedition-style training, not only removing all limits of your open circuit technical diving but also teaching you about what it takes to do real expedition-style diving. So logistics and extremely detailed planning come into focus. Needless to say, this is a course that truly brings you into the elite of scubadiving. The Tech GOLD card is gives to the select few who have mastered Not only All Tech levels but also expanded into the use of scooters and stages. And has take active part in at leas two UTD expeditions or projects.