Techreational Diver, 130ft/39m


  • First step into Technical diving
  • Learn Techdiving correctly from day 1
  • Bridge the recreational range with technical range
  • Critical skills that will make you smarter-safer-better



Limits: Max depth: 39m 130feet
Deco: Max 30 minutes of decompression obligation, 1 deco cylinder
Gasses: Nx32%, Tmx 25/25. Deco gas: 100% Oxygen

This is a technical diving course that introduces you to technical diving and teaches the theory and skills you need for technical diving. Don’t think lightly about this course and don’t let the name or limits fool you. This is one of the most demanding courses in the scuba industry.

UTD Trains technical diving is a completely different way than traditional technical diving is trained. We call this level of training “Critical Skills Training”. You will not see your instructor much during the training dives, as a matter of fact, we don’t really call them training dives, we call the real dives because that’s what they are. The dives are set up in such a way that we can give the Team a goal or objective for the dive. And the instructor gives the team failures that make the teamwork together to deal with the failure. Usually, the failures are a result of the team making small mistakes during their dive. 

The Techreational will challenge you and with a guarantee moves your comfort level. You will become a stronger diver with a deep understanding of what it takes to perform these deeper dives safely and still have fun. 

Sometimes this Techreational course is combined with the Tech 1 level. It depends on the level of comfort with diving a twinset and the history of general diving experience. Together with your instructor, you can discuss the possibilities. 

To start this course you need to be comfortable with the basic personal skills that are required for technical diving. Skills like proper finning techniques like frog kick and back kick. Also, valve drills and gas switching procedures need to be a no-brainer for you. If you feel you need some more work in these areas we suggest taking the Essentials of Tech course. This is a personal skills course that will fully prepare you for technical diving.


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