10 Covenants of UTD  

1. Unified Team Diving – The team is your backup – gas, equipment and brain.

2. The Thinking Team – No team member relies on another person or piece of equipment to make the “sole” decisions. No “trust me” dives.

3. Rock Bottom Gas Management – Every diver carries enough gas to bring two divers to the next available gas source, either the surface, a deco bottle, or stage bottle.

4. Standard Gas – Dive the desired PPO2 at the target average depth and keep the equivalent narcosis depth to 100’/30m or less. NO DEEP AIR.

5. Consistent Modular Equipment Configuration – An equipment configuration that is consistent, scalable and interchangable within the team for all types of diving and diving environments.

6. Minimalist Approach – Only take what you need for the dive.

7. Holistic – All components of the system are thought out, work together and have a solid reason behind their use and placement.

8. Streamlined and Accessible Equipment Configuration – All components can be stowed, yet are convenient to access.

9. Situational Awareness – Manage the environment, equipment and team, giving equal attention to each, never becoming fixated or inflexible. Head up, eyes open, and brain on.

10. The Proper Training and Experience for the Dive – Have the appropriate training to ensure consistent protocols and skills for the dive and understand the potential hazards. This will ensure the correct starting point to build experience.


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