UTD International teaches the principles of a unified
team approach in:


  • The Core Principles
  • Online Classroom Materials
  • Equipment configuration
  • In-water Skills and methodology
  • Diving practices

UTD International philosophy was born in the UTD/DIR/Hogathian equipment configuration and diving principles, but goes above and beyond by incorporating many of the in-water skills and techniques from cave, wreck and tech diving. UTD International has continued to develop and refine these skills and principles through the years. This combination formulates the highest set of unified team diving principles and standards that has convents and suggestions for the divers to apply to their diving as they dive within a Thinking Unified Team.
Community learning

  • An inclusive environment for our global community to come together and share their passion.
  • A social network that provides a place for the Thinking Team, the instructor, the students or the instructor to share experiences or gain further practical knowledge.
  • A place to meet other global team members and join others in recreational, technical or exploration diving.

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