Pursue Your Scuba Diving Passions • UTD gives you a unified, holistic, building block education system. We empower thousands of scuba divers to pursue their underwater passions – from recreational to expedition. Regardless of your current certification or where you’ve trained, our classes guide you to your next level of diving, whether it’s open water, deep, caves, wrecks or rebreathers.

Experience Underwater Camaraderie • In the water we train as a team and explore as a team. Your UTD classes will foster life-long diving friendships and partnerships. Topside, our community website makes it easy for you to connect with like-minded divers all over the world, exchange stories, photos and videos, and share your passion for the underwater world.

Access State of the Art Equipment • UTD divers and instructors are true leaders, enthusiastic about their diving and their equipment needs. We research, develop and test a wide variety of equipment to ultimately provide you with the best equipment available to support your diving needs. Our equipment enables you to fulfill your full potential in the water.

Unified Team DIving ensures that all UTD Facilities and Certified Instructors teach classes that are based on a consistent and Unified Team Diving (UTD) approach, in other words consistent with the UTD ethos, standards and skill sets. At UTD, we always believe divers should be trained beyond their level of diving, as opposed to diving beyond their level of training.

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